Prioritize your talent development initiatives for 2023

A tool that helps L&D and HR professionals discover what talent development initiative they could work on to make the biggest impact at their company.

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Here’s what people are saying about the Talent Development Compas

"I absolutely love how detailed you've been with your suggestions. The answers are all about what I wanted to know and I found them providing me with a fresh perspective."

Rajeshri Aneesh, L&D Specialist, BatchService

“It’s super helpful for us to stay organized and think through what is the highest prio, esp. as a small team.”

Genevieve McGahey, Senior Consultant, Peoplism

"The report really provided validation that we’re strategizing on the “right” things. Your recommendations really made us double down and plan out some strategic initiatives for 2023."

Jacqueline Rideout, L&D Team Lead, Verafin

What’s the journey?

It's as easy as 1-2-3. You answer our guiding questions, we send you a report with the things we think you should prioritize in the next few months, we offer additional advice in case you need it.

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The questions we prepared cover both transactional data, but also deep-dive information about the goals you're planning to achieve, the current state of your projects, and your L&D set-up.

Get your report

You'll get a personalized report containing a list of solutions you might want to try out in the next few months, the impact, effort, advantages & disadvantages for each of them.

Get extra support

In case you're still lost or you have any questions about the solutions you get, you can reach out & we'll do our best to offer you as much support as our time allows us to.

How does a report look like?

We know you might be curious about how a report looks like, so here's an example for you to check.

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Who are we?

You might also be curious who's behind all of this. So here it is! Offbeat & Innential have teamed up for this project.

Innential is a talent development platform that helps people teams easily create leading career development experiences.

How? Our learning platform makes setting up processes, such as personal development plans, career paths, and progress tracking, simple. It's so simple that even a one-person team under pressure can manage it without needing to worry about it over the weekend.

Three months after using Innential, you'll be walking into your stakeholder meeting with the biggest grin on your face. When they ask "What's with you?", you'll slap down the results of the latest company engagement survey showing record-high retention and career growth satisfaction.

Visit to learn more. Or book a free 20-minute introduction call with an Innential founder by clicking here.

Offbeat is the platform where L&D professionals gather to accelerate their career growth through practice and knowledge sharing.

We support Learning & Development from all over the world, all business-size, and all levels of seniority in their learning, growth & career development efforts. But we also know that sometimes People Experience Specialists have L&D responsibilities, so we receive them with open arms in all our initiatives.

Everything we do is out of love for learning & each and every learning & development professional.